A paper briquette maker sometimes called a paper log maker is a domestic easy to use eco-friendly press that you can use at home. Our briquette maker is a simple device and has been around for many years.

Our multimate range of paper briquette makers are ideal for DIY briquette making at home. They are pure tech genius -its design makes it so easy to use. You can use it anywhere. It stands on four heavy-duty and resilient steel legs, fully adjustable to enable it to be used outside on uneven ground.

The design makes it easy to squeezes far more water out of the shredded cardboard and paper pulp than other machines on the market. The water drains directly into a nearby container, enabling the water to be reused. The Multimate range of paper briquette makers are transportable and is therefore ready to be operated anywhere. The briquette maker is made with accuracy, heavy-duty steel, with leverage to apply pressure, it is the best machine on the market now. Making a briquette has never been easier. or quicker. Our Multimate range of briquette presses include the MK-II and now the new MK-IV

A mixing tool worth 12 euros is available for FREE!!!! Which makes forming the pulp from the shredded newspaper and cardboard much quicker. It is also possible to add stray, sawdust, and even small woodchips when making your free eco-friendly fire logs. Now available at our Ecwid shop

Do you want to heat and recycle and dispose of old newspaper and cardboard? Here we have something for you, the best paper briquette maker there is on the market today. The Multimate range of paper briquette Makers are made of sturdy 2mm mild steel welded together making it indestructible. The use of the pressure arm helps to remove far more water than the other paper brick presses on the market. It is easy to use, the wet pulp is quickly pressed and shaped into briquettes, and the removable basket makes it is easy to remove the briquettes. The Compressed briquettes will be 110 mm by 95 mm by 50 mm.

You can use any unwanted newspapers, photocopy paper, cardboard. junk mail, wrapping paper in fact any paper that will break down into a pulp can be used. The aim is to make wastepaper into something that will readily burn instead of using expensive traditional fuels.

This free method of making paper logs is not only good for the environment with fewer trees being chopped down and reduced landfill, but it is also good for your pocket as the end product produces free heat.

You can burn the finished paper logs as fuel on an open fire or wood-burning stove reducing your carbon footprint whilst saving you money on your heating bills.

They can be used in your garden in chimeras and fire pits too. Each paper fire log can be burnt for up to two hours once fully dried.

Why use expensive real wood logs when you can recycle the paper that you would normally throw away or send to the recycling depot.

They can be made at any time of the year even in the winter but as they need time to dry out it is better to make them in the spring or summer months if you can.

Apparently, the average home uses something like 500kg of paper and cardboard a year now with all the Amazon and other home delivery services, so why not use that paper and cardboard yourself and create your own alternative fuel supply.

What if you do not have enough paper to recycle, that is not a problem, just ask your friends, family, and workmates if they would keep it for you as I’m sure they would be only too happy to oblige.

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